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Monday, February 27, 2012

No i550 (again) but still fun

Again , no i550 but this technique stood on my wish list for quite a while. That is the hand's on variant.
This weekend I assisted a friend of mine with the vacuum infusion of his little boat. An O-jol.
We already made together the female mold and finally we came to the stage that we could actually do the infusion.

Check out the 100 lime laps pictures @ picasa.
When you select the slideshow option and change it to a 1 second interval it will only cost you 100 seconds..
It sure did cost us much more...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Check this out!

Some of you might have clicked on this blog link before but now the guy is going into a very interesting phase.
This fellow Dutchmen is building a Farrier F-39 trimaran virtually on his own with the help of vacuum infusion.
He is now busy to apply the dry glass. If you are interested in high tech do it yourself foam build then his site is a must!

Here the link to the dry glass pictures

Or just wander around on his fabulous web page and be amazed.

Needless to say that I am a big fan and following him for years...

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Helping out an other boat builder

I have helped out an other local boat builder. He is building a O-jol and if you take a look at my blog list it is the one at the bottom. Be aware, it is written in Dutch...
Halfway his build, the core is red cedar and the outside was as smooth as a baby bottom, he decided to pull a plug. and that work is a two person job. We have placed in total 8 layers of glass around the hull and we will try to separate the two in a few days.
This was for both of us a first and a learning experience. Maybe the second learning curve might be vacuum resin infusion?.. And if you want to know more about that technique then take a look at the blog from he became a real autodidact in this area by building a 40 foot Farrier trimaran mostly on his own...
The first four layers at the bow

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bulb for hull number 349

It seems that my bulb-plug-cement-mold-thing is having a second go.
The making of bulb # 349
This time we have also put some extra reinforcement metal bars in the top side inside to prevent breakage.
The lower half was still intact. (because that one was reinforced)
To be more precise the lower half of the mold is the top side of the bulb.
The first pour will be for hull number 349. Located only 30 minutes drive south from my place.
And I think I will melt down my bulb one more time to get a nicer result and I want to try something else.
I will put a piece of easy to shape soft stone in the top-bulb-bottom-mold part and fix it with two screws from the outside.
This soft stone will have of course quite some resemblance with the shape of the lower part of my keel.
When the lead is poured and cooled I just have to chisel it out.

Cling film shininess and one extra steam hole.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

NACA 0012 fine tuning

After allot of milling, unscrewing, measuring, sanding, screwing, milling, measuring etc of the two wooden gliders of the routing tool the milling result is quite close to the wanted NACA 0012 profile.

Here a look at the profile
Against the light, close enough.
Two test samples
Now I have to double check the height over the complete run to be sure the profile will be the same thickness over the complete length. When the actual milling of the profile will be done I will make a movie like I did when pouring the lead. The advantage to make the profile this way also makes it very easy to mill two indents at the widest point of the profile. These indents will be filled with carbon to cope with the side forces.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Keel router trial

It has been a while but I had to do some other stuff. Like sailing, work, finishing my bedroom and converting my daily commuting BMW K75RT motorcycle into LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) and after that something else broke inside the engine (the drive chain for the alternator) this was just bad luck and nothing to do with the conversion. Result I needed to replace the engine for a younger one. 
When looking at my blog stats I noticed there was allot of traffic out the states from the Pointing to my one piece lead bulb build pages. That is fun! This fact also helped me to pick up the build of the boat.
Together with the weather, not so nice anymore, so it is time to do some woodwork!

I have shown earlier my router "contraption" and went on with the thing. I made a "curtain" out of brush (the one you place in front of you mail box) to keep the splinters in the airflow.

Closeup of the "curtain"

And I made a longer strong back in between the two rails to place the glued red cedar keel half's. I am planning to make the keel with a split in the middle. Inside I will also place two stainless steel rods from top to bottom. as is sort of common now a days. As it looks right now I will add some carbon cloth in the middle when gluing the two part together to make the keel as strong as possible. I did not use oak but the light weight cedar so all the extra strength I can create is welcome. The little milling I did went like a hot knife trough butter. Now I need to check if the pattern is what it should be. The intention is wanted profile plus 40mm radius.
The fact that this milling is going so easy might cost me some extra time when I will make a new rudder for my old E-boat. She can use a nice new profile at the back...

One night later I did test number two. I seems that I need to improve the shape quite a bit more but the printer is not working as it should. First need to fix that one...